Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers

We offer both fully managed and unmanaged dedicated server solutions. Our solutions are designed to help take your business further. All of our dedicated servers include a DirectAdmin (Linux Based Control Panel) license and your server will be setup and delivered to you within 24 hours of payment. With a dedicated server, your website can have a dedicated processor, ram and disk space so you need not worry about sharing resources, or having other clients slow you down.

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Server Colocation Services

Tele Asia are able to provide colocation services from 1U, to full suites. As we own and operate our own data centres, we are able to cater to any need, giving you a truly custom and personalised service to suite your business's needs. Currently, we operate data centres in Kwai Chung, and Fanling in Hong Kong.

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Virual Private Network

VPN Virtual Private Network Services

Secure your internet connection and help protect yourself against identity theft and sniffers! Or securely access office data from your home, or public WiFi hotspot! Tele Asia offers VPN solutions with your security, and privacy concerns in mind. Our VPN service is also a helpful tool to gain full access to the internet and your online documents without having to worry about proxy, or local internet restrictions.

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DDOS Shield

DDOS Shield

The best protection against a large-scale DDOS attack. Take direct control of your network costs and avoid unwanted surprises. Define your minimum and maximum thresholds for bandwidth and packets per second (PPS) usage, and receive email alerts to let you know when you've reached them.

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KVM Over IP Facility

Convenient remote access to your servers. Get convenient, secure, browser-based access from your home or office to your servers located in our data centers. The flexible multi-platform Java video viewer supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape browsers on Windows, Linux, Unix and MacOS X platforms.

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NAS Backup

NAS Backup Services

Protect and retain your critical data with NAS Backup. This service lets you recover from hardware failures, reverse human errors like inadvertent deletions or overwriting of files, directories or websites, restore old CGI scripts when improvements backfire, and mitigate hacker attacks and restore affected sites.

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